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  1. Is this plugin still wroking? I have 2 images, each in a separate layer, then I try to save the file, but there is no .agif file type available. if I saved into .gif, the images flattens and there is no animation at all. Can anyone enlighten me how this works? I am just trying to make 2 images into a animated image, that's all.
  2. Hi skullbonz, thanks for your reply.. I tried again by increasing the canvas size, so now there is a white and thick borderline around the image, but it still don't work. There is no effects when I applied the "TRs EFX" option. Confused ???
  3. Hi TR, I downloaded the plugin on the front page, and then copy it into the "effects" folder under But when I try to use this feature on a photo (size about 500x800px), it doesn't seems to work. Am I missing something here or did I do some process wrongly? Do I need to select anything? I just opened the photo images, and then click the "TR EFX" button, but no effects excuted on my image. Please see this screenshot for the action I did on the image. I am running this on a win7 i7-2677M notebook, 4GB, 64-bit operating system. Thanks for the help...