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  1. I actually have a relatively particular request... I need a larger radius. More specifically a radius of ~2500. However this plugin is limited at 1000. Can you possibly eliminate the radius limit? (Or atleast raise it substantually.) -- To explain. I am building a watchface for my Android Wear device using an application called "Wear Picture Watch". And it allows me to rotate images based on time. [seconds, Minutes or Hours]. So what I want to do is create a few very large circle with the numbers [0-59],[1-12],[0-23] and essentially have them spaced such that only one number is on the screen at a time. And in turn rotating whatever fraction (IE 1/60th for 60 seconds) will place the next number in the exact position of the first, and so on. This is why I need such a huge radius. Because I want the fonts to be larger [higher-res], and then the spacing also needs to be quite vast.