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  1. Is there a way to store comments inside layer parts in paint.net (and consequentively, in pdn files)?


    I know jpeg's spec (I think also png's; not sure) allows comments inside the file that allows storing any information wanted. Does pdn allow it too?


    Is there a plugin for that? I didn't find any with my search but I may just be using wrong keywords.


    I'm interested in storing extra information notes in an easier way for whoever picks up the images I'm producing and also for whoever pickes them before me to leave notes to me.

    I do know that it is possible to store extra information in pdn files due to some plugins such as the "editable text" plugin but I'm not sure about storing any arbitrary text.

  2. Really thank you for such great tool!

    But there's an issue, What I'm working with now requires really high precision on where the text is placed inside the image.

    It possible to have a fine tuning way of position? Maybe 2 text squares (additional to the current tools) to specify the coordinates of the position of the text? It can be the leftmost, center, whatever that you use to store the position text.


    Thank you again for this.

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