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  1. Im not that big of a PC gamer but i usually play M.U.G.E.N from time to time maybe some crossfire
  2. Wuzzup. i Just made this to show my wonderful progress in First signiture i made: I dont particually like this one but I tryed one with wolverine and It came out Pretty Good (minus the text) I tryed a glow effect with the text but it did not turn out good. It just looks like white text. Well thats all for now. ill update later
  3. thanks Im really bad at finding things. Also is it to early too start my own Gallery/ Improvement thread?
  4. uhhh HI. (im really bad with intros) Im A high-school student who later on down the line Wants to become an animator and Sequental artist! (i dont know if this would actually help me with that But is one of my fun hobbys) Anyway ice been using for a couple of months and decided to join the forums.sooooooo HI!!