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  1. [Video] Mw2 text

    Hey man, i found a really cool and east way to do it, it will look like my signature: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/29619-modern-warfare-2-text-font/
  2. Modern Warfare 2 Text Font

    Things NEEDED: 1: BankGothic Md BT (FONT) HERE 2:EdHarvey-Effects-4-0-5120 (Plugin) HERE step 1: Recommended image size: 324 x 68 Create a background, make new layer, add Text font BankGothic Md BT, bold, 22 size, color medium green BE SURE NOT TO DESELECT THE TEXT WHEN YOU ADD THE EFFECTS!! Step 2: Effects, Glow, radious 20, brightness 100, Contrast -100 Step 3: Stylize, halftone, Shape Line, size 4, angle 0, contrast 15 or 20, brightness -150, Quality 5 Step 4: Effects, Photo, Glow, Radious 1, brightness 95-100, Contrast -100 That's it, when its Finished it should look like this: Hope this helped, good luck