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  1. I updated to 4.5.2, it installed like a charm, thank you for your time and effort, I'm now painting up a storm
  2. I could only find pdnSetupShim.log, here you go.
  3. @David - I tried to open the ZIP file with explorer, extracting, running the executable, still no changes. @Rick - I went to event viewer/windows logs/applications and clicked on Source as the filter, there was only one mentioned application error, not having anything to do with paint. (picture below) I also went to the TEMP directory you stated above, and to my shock, nothing is there! (image below) Could there be a issue with my hateful antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials? Also I have had trouble with Net-Framework in the past, could that be the issue?
  4. I'm using WinRAR 5.10.2 64-bit, I extracted it to my desktop, and it still does not work Should I try using WinZip?
  5. @Pixey - I went to the link you provided, clicked on DotPDN box to download, then clicked 4.0.2. Nothing has changed. @Rick - I'm using Windows 7 Service pack 1, here are the specs to my computer in the links below: Here is what happens in this video below:
  6. Hello, thank you for reading, Today I decided to re-install, as it's my favorite free paint software, but I have been having trouble. So, I download the installer, run it. And after it gets done extracting files "The green text", it just closes, without any warning/errors. I go to see if it installed, and it's nowhere on the computer. I don't know whats going on. I go to taskmanager, and I don't see TrustedInstaller, or any paint executables running.