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  1. Is... there a way to just plain disable the mouse scrolling in general? When I'm in the middle of a project I have a hard time pausing and thinking of crazy elaborate maneuvers to avoid software quirks... (Kind of like if you were digging a hole and had to remember that every prime number must be proceeded with three taps on the left side of the shovel and an about-face spin followed by a moonwalk. It would kinda ruin your flow).
  2. It mainly happens with the magic wand. Once I have something selected it becomes very sensative to the edge of the screen. Often I'll just be trying to go up to change the tolerance (so I can add more things via Add [union]) and it'll just start scrolling all over the place.
  3. Mkay so, my paint.net updated recently, and now everytime I get anywhere near the edge of the screen suddenly my page rockets away from my work to the very edge. Then I try to go back and I find myself staring at the other edge and this is driving me crazy. I have searched deligently for a way to disable this, used the help button, looked at the update list, and used the search bar in the top corner of the forums. No luck. Suggestions? I'd prefer not to undertake the hunt for an older version but I'll do whatever I have to to make it stop.
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