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  1. Sigs are Looking good Chuck! I just got into sig making. "Lets see what we CanDo!"
  2. Guys, it looks like he may not be around here anymore. And his website is gone. He last posted like 3 years ago. Too bad. Probably my fault, man.
  3. Me too, when saving an .ico it just hangs forever. its not bringing up the save file dialog. 48x48x 32x32 ect. In paint.net version 4.0.6. I'm not sure if any of the other file extension still work or not because I downloaded and reinstalled 4.0.5 again->Works. Thankyou if you can find time to fix this. It was a great plugin in it's day.
  4. #[its not bringing up the save file dialog]!
  5. I don't know if this is what he means. I use the .icon file type dll. It get and ifinate hang when trying to save it and have to close through task man. I'm on windows 7. Edit: it's IcoCur.dll by Evans Olds?
  6. I cheated on that image a little bit. I like to use these two plugins in various orders to "smooth" edges. --AA's_Assistant @ dpy-plugins for this plugin, I usually find basicly the default setting is best for most, but it does eat away at the image. Not recomended for really narrow lines and such, but maybe you can use a thicker line and it will slim it down. --DropShadow @ Vandermotten-plugins I like this one, it can outline, shadow and everything. I usually start off with the settings turned down to 1 low and raise it up as needed. I thought there was a plugin for turning images into a vector or close to it. I'm not sure. Hope this all makes sense. good luck, carry on. Good work on these I really do like them. I always wanted to be good at these sigs.
  7. Real nice. Only thing I can think of is you might try to increase? the
  8. Mainly For lots and lots of editing of games textures. Memes. Funny signs. Web Images.
  9. BoltBait! Your one of the people I use your plugins all the time. Mainly the Main ones that were pinned but looks like I will be redoing my personal plugin assortment. I plan on donating to Paint.NET and all the guys who I use thier pluigins. In Septmber A few specific plugins that have been the most usefull of all time for me have been. -DropShadow -AA's Assistant -Color Filter People who plugins I use. {edit somehow forgot PYROCHILD} ---------------- PYROCHILD BOLTBAIT DPY ED HARVEY EVAN OLDS KRIS VANDERMOTTEN MAD JIK MKT? RED OCHRE ROB TAULER SIMON BROWN TECHNO ROBBO TOLI CUTURICU ZACK WALKER ------------------- <questions> #1-With this new update. Should I reinstall Paint.Net Completly? #2-how do donations work? a) donate/download/and backup storage forever? or can you does it remeber you donated when or if you have to redownload for some reason. because I can just store it in the cloud. c) but then what about updates? Thanks people!
  10. Thank you. Good Idea about the plugins too. I will definetly look for updates. <plugins> funny, a lot of them seem to work still Except for what seems to apear to be mainly located in the color section. color:filter color:flip/rotate color:tint other color filters there's more but I know this is not the place for bugs.
  11. I've been using you Paint.Net for 5 years maybe 4? IDK long time. --Just made an account to say Thankyou and Well done. Simple, easy to use, for all the basics along with a set of plugins I've kept around for a while. I must say when I got a promt to for a Update I was like Cool maybe this will be the one. It was. It's awesome well done people, Well done.
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