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  1. I refreshed my memory to see what happened. Went to getpaint.net and at top right was Get it now (free download): paint.net 4.0.2If you click on this you get to correct download link if you go past the "zip opener" trap. Any other download button on either pg is wrong. Rough. Don't see many complaints. I guess other users are a lot smarter than I am. It should be clarified on the opening pg. Thanks again.
  2. Many thanks for prompt reply. Had gone back and when I scrolled down I saw the "zip opener" name at bottom of "Download." Below that was the correct download button as shown in your thumbnail. Then I followed the procedure in the utube video "how to make transparent grid with paint." Everything worked flawlessly. The excellent video is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMXcfZCS1pc. Moral: Danger!!! "Zip Opener"
  3. Clicked on Paint.net download and zip icon showed up. Clicked on that and got offer to download "zip opener." Downloaded it but didn't install it, got suspicious. Googled "zip opener" and it showed as a virus. What do I do to get Paint.net? Thanks.
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