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  1. Hi, I was wondering how to download this plugin, I cant seem to follow the link and was wondering if anyone could help.
  2. Helloman892 I really like the use of red in your image, but I think the edge of your planet is perhaps a little too defined.
  3. Here is my effort, Hope you like!
  4. Thank You very much for your help again!
  5. Thank You very much for your help! Also I am having troubles finding the CustomBrushesMini Plugin, whenever I click a link it says that it no longer exists. I have been getting a lot of links saying that the site is under going some change, and was wondering when this would be fixed?
  6. Hi everyone, I am really new to this forum and have to say that I am really impressed by everything I have seen so far! I just cant seem to find the facility needed to post images as replies. I can only see it if I am creating a new thread, and was hoping someone could help me with my minor issue. Probably a case of me just having a blonde moment. Thank You G