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  1. This. I'm going to have to find an unofficial 3.5.x download at this point. So bummed out because I love paint.NET.
  2. I'll re-read them, I read them upon joining, I'm just a little concerned is all.
  3. I don't though, so I can't I'm just asking why the decision has been made to stop people from downloading the older builds?
  4. Thank you! I pretty much exclusively use Paint.NET, which is why I joined up. My deviantart is crammed full of drawings done using it, haha. It's under the same username as this one for that very reason.
  5. I'm just really bummed out because I've not been able to draw since the upgrade. Like, I tried, but I just... Can't. And I don't want to have to re-learn my entire technique because the paintbrush got scogged in the update. Why are you not allowing people to download 3.5 any more? Surely if they want to there's no harm in it?
  6. Hi there! My name's Toby and I've been using Paint.NET for years! When the update to 4.0 was put into play I thought I'd come here to seek help with some technical issues, and it turned out that there was a really cool community. Looking forward to talking with you chaps!
  7. So it seems impossible to get the same stroke with the new paintbrush tool as one could with 3.5x. This has completely crippled my shading style, and that's pretty sucky because Paint.NET has been my tool of choice throughout my artistic career (not that there is much of a career to speak of). Is there any way in which we can have a rollback? It's not that I hate 4.0 in general, it's great - but the paintbrush just doesn't function as well at all. Everything seems too soft, even at 100% hardness?
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