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  1. Boltbait, sorry for the delay in responding. I was thinking the forum would automatically send a notice if you responded. On the second screenshot, you are right; the 2:4 is in the lower left corner. I simply missed seeing it. As for the first screenshot, I came across the same problem today. The program declared the game over when I could still play 1s, 3s, and 5s. I've attached a screen shot, and a screenshot of the options menu. The only difference in options is that I was probably playing against Jonathan before. All other options remained the same.
  2. Hey BoltBait, Love your dominoes game, but have run into an issue several times where the game is prematurely declared over. In the picture below you can see the computer has no more moves it came make (it has to be holding the 4:4 domino), but I have 2 possible moves I can make. And from a game several days prior, the 2:4 domino is missing. I had drawn several times from the boneyard, and could not see the last domino. So I clicked on the enlarge to full screen button. I don't know if that would have caused the problem, but the computer later went out playing a different domino than
  3. Well, I was wrong about having fixed the problem. I guess each time I loaded more plug-ins and relaunched, it had been hanging around in memory and so came up fast. But once it has a chance to clear from memory, it still takes nearly 2 minutes to load and give me a cursor. Any ideas? Anyone? Buehler?
  4. Reading other posts, I came across a tidbit of information that seems to have solved my problem, at least for the moment. When you uninstall paint.net, the effects, file types, and shapes subfolders do not get deleted. So I uninstalled the program, moved those subfolders out for safekeeping, and deleted the main folder. Then I reinstalled the program. With nothing in those newly reinstalled subfolders, paint.net launched just fine. So I downloaded an effects pack, got the plug-ins into the effects subfolder, and launched paint.net again. No problems. No "(not responding)" message, and no waiti
  5. I've had problems launching paint.net ever since Microsquish upgraded my OS to Windows 10 Home. The program opens, but not completely. With the first click I make "(not responding)" pops into the blue bar at the top, next to the paint.net version number. The cursor changes to a spinning circle and I wait. And wait. And wait. On earlier Windows 10 updates, and earlier versions of paint.net, the wait time was 10-15 seconds. But the wait time has grown to 1-2 minutes. When Windows 10 came out, I noticed a few programs taking a little longer to open, but paint.net has been the hardest hit. I've tr
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