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  1. Well that's genuinely disappointing... I guess my "official" suggestion would be to allow the user to control the spacing then! I mean, it's a neat feature but there's surely a few more people aside from me that would appreciate it if we were able to actually control the spacing. Or at the very least, turn it on or off as we see fit.
  2. So I guess I'll just leave the issue for now? There's absolutely nothing more I could do? If that's the case, is there a forum for requests or suggestions? There probably is and it's probably in a very obvious spot, but is there a specific one that I should use?
  3. For the pixel grid, wouldn't I have to be zoomed in ridiculously far for me to be totally accurate with it? The grid only even appears at 300%+ zoom and to be accurate with it, it would need to be at probably 500% or more. While I appreciate the suggestion Fuzzy, it does seem a bit impractical in my case. Needforsuv, that's pretty much exactly what I mean
  4. That's great and all guys, but did we get anywhere on the lightness issue? I mean it's great that you guys kept the thread alive, but I think it deviated from it's original purpose a bit. There's no blending mode for it or anything like that? Or one that's at least darker? I'm still not 100% on what they all do. It's not something that could be re-added as an option or something like that in a future fix? I mean, I really like 4.0, so I'm probably not going to go back, but it would be fantastic if I could use the standard brush again. Apparently there'd be plenty of people who would use it
  5. While the pencil tool is technically an option, it makes everything look quite jagged, as does turning the anti-aliasing off, so I'd prefer not to use them. I appreciate all the suggestions though. Is there anything else I could be doing? Is there a certain blending mode I could be using or anything like that? I'm not exactly 100% on all the different functions yet.
  6. I have been using the hardness at 100%, but I've been using a brush width of 1. I can't see any difference in the darkness at all when I play with the hardness at that brush width.
  7. I'm just gonna start by saying that I really love the recent update to! The whole thing is a lot easier to use and everything just flows a lot nicer now, and that's really helpful in so many ways! (Especially the Paint Bucket; a lot easier to use) One thing I've noticed though is that the Paintbrush tool seems to draw a bit lighter than it used to. Here's the scenario, when I'm drawing using, I prefer to use the paintbrush tool set to black with a brush width of 1, zoomed in to 200% for a bit more accuracy and so it doesn't look as jagged. It made for a simple line-art thing that I grew comfortable using. Before the update, when I was drawing in black, the lines were black. If it was zoomed in, there might be some dark-grey from the tool dispersing the colour over two-or-more pixels, but in all the line was ostensibly black. (Or at least very dark) Now however, if I'm zoomed in past 100%, the lines come out a lighter shade of grey. While it's not really a problem, I prefer to have darker lines when I draw because I like to colour with greyscale colours and dark lines tend to work a lot better; the lighter lines tend to blend with whatever shade of grey I'd be colouring with. It's especially frustrating when the colour I want to fill with is the same as the line. I'm not sure if this is something that's only happening to me or not as I can't seem to find any information regarding this. I'm not entirely sure if it's a new setting that I don't know about or haven't experimented with yet or if it's just the way things are now or if it's just a glitch or something like that. Regardless, I would prefer it to be darker and was wondering if there's a way to make it so. In short; Is there any way to have darker lines with the Paintbrush tool?