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  1. I'm interested in the source for this plugin, is it available online somewhere, github?
  2. hummm....perhaps the way to go is to introduce an extension framework in the app where you could get help developing different modules of the application. Perhaps making part of the application open source? Perhaps the gui could be broken of from the core graphic engine and handled as separate entities? then it would be possible for the community to work on utility features, gui things and that stuff, when the core is still maintained as today? Or just make it all open source and just let people submit features and modification via you so you still have control over what goes into the s
  3. Hummm...why not create a Paint.NET plugin-framework, where Paint.NET. from within the application displays a list of plugins that are submitted by 3:ed parties. The plugins could be uploaded and registered on the "Paint-NET official plugin page". After that the community will rate and grade the plugin and and the uploader/creator of the plugin will gain reputation based on number of downloads, complaints, feedback, gradings and so on. So if he did a good job with version 1 of a plugin, then he will start with a high reputation for the second version or if he makes a completely different
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