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  1. Just come to know about his birthday! Happy Birthday Rick
  2. Go to Image > Canvas Size (Ctrl + Shift + R) , then should have seen this window where both the options are available for resizing.
  3. Its really an easy to follow tutorial for restoring the damaged old picture. Thank you and as I did find it helpful, I hope everyone will say the same.
  4. Is there any easier tutorial available to create camouflage effect in Paint.net? Can anyone suggest any tutorial? Thanks in advance.
  5. For selecting the pencil mark you have choosen Lasso tool, if I use magic wand tool will it work perfectly here? Will be the selection good? And why didnt you use spot healing tool here instead?
  6. Have you tried creating drop shadow in Photoshop also? I have done that in Photoshop but not in Paint yet!
  7. Its really a good tutorial on creating text effect in Photoshop. The steps are clearly explained by step by step image.
  8. To know the basic things about posting, getting help from other members etc. all information have been described here very well and I am recommending all new members to see all the links listed above.
  9. Is using paint tool as editor better than photoshop or illustrator? What are the main advantgae on using this? Can someone please explain the whole idea here?
  10. I have not used this plugin yet and but will make a try on this seeing your steps.
  11. I have never seen any tutorial can be described in such a detailed way. Very well done and appreciating post. We are getting bored seeing the tutorials with lots of writing.
  12. You have done a good job by providing the PDF link here. It will definitely help the learners,
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