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  1. Hey Rick, thanks so much for the quick replies! I really appreciate the feedback. I tried what you said, it seems it doesn't matter if Windows Ink is on or not: Turning Windows Ink on or off is part of the "Set-up your Pen and Touch" control panel. Wacom's driver changelog states that they recently added the option to turn Windows Ink support off which solves a whole host of problems, including the dreaded mini-lag every time you set the pen down. But yeah, they're not related I don't think. I did some more testing and you're absolutely right, it's isolated to the top left corner. Aaaand... YES! That absolutely did fix it! Wonderful. No more weird line jumping. I very much appreciate it, Rick!
  2. No... I'm running Windows 8. I'm using a Wacom Bamboo tablet with Windows Ink turned off (because of the ripple delay lag issue), could that be the problem? Again though, I haven't been able to replicate this problem in MS paint...
  3. I'm getting this odd error when drawing lines with both the pen tool and the line tool. I've tried to replicate it in MSpaint and there's no error there, so I'm assuming it's not my tablet that's the problem. Can anyone shed light on this? Thanks! Image attached.
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