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  1. After doing an internet search on what the Ulead Particle plugin is, it looks really cool. I'll have to try out your tutorial and install the plugin sometime. :)

    Just a question though, I see this tutorial is for windows 7 32bit, which is nice since that's what my OS is, but will this tutorial work for windows 7 64bit also?


    I don't know, sorry. 

    One thing for sure, by providing 'Run programs made for previous version of Windows' option, Windows 7 still can operating Windows 7 non- compatible softwares/applications. If this option available in 64-bit version, then Ulead Particle plugin .exe file highly possibly be able to run as in 32-bit version too.

  2. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it

    Hi !


    I don't know how many of you really want to play with Ulead Particle Plugin ( Photoshop .8bf files ) in Paint.NET, somehow just want to forget it since Windows 7 or higher can't install the .exe file. I hope this tutorial can help.







    And I'm assuming that all of you having null54's special plugin installed in your Paint.NET before installing this plugin, so lets start !


    Steps :


    1. Get your .exe files from this site : http://plugintop.com/category/music-video/ulead/

    2. Go to Control Panel. Choose Programs




    3. Choose the option shown on the screen capture below :




    4. Click next, when a window like in the screen capture below popped up.




    5. Wait for the machine to work, until a window ( like in the picture below ) popped up. Choose

    'Not Listed'.




    6. This window will popped out on your screen. Browse to find where your downloaded .exe file was saved.




    7. Find the .exe file and open it. Click next when another window popped up. Choose 'Troubleshoot Programs' afterwards.




    8. This window will show up after choosing 'Troubleshoot Programs'. Just click 'Next'.




    And the window below popped up afterwards. 




    Choose 'Windows98/Windows ME'.


    9. Choose ' Start The Program' when this window popped up.




    User Account Control screen will popped up. Just choose 'Yes'. 


    10. After choosing 'Yes', two windows will popped up in the same time. Here are how they looked like and how we should respond to it :


    Window #1




    Click 'Yes'.


    Window #2




    Choose the first option.


    11. This window will come out immediately.




    Choose 'Finish', And the installation will started immediately. Just follow the directions step-by-step and the installer will installing the .8bf files to the chosen location.


    12. Oh yeah, there're another window shows up. Just choose 'Close' and you have done !





    Post-installation :


    Run your .8bf filter plugin on Paint.NET and choose 'Search Directories', then add your newly installed Ulead Particle Plugin to the list.



    All The Best !

  3. Hi Chuck38 !


    I have downloaded two of your siggies to my netbook, and tried my best to figure up the solutions for you.


    Hopefully it can help you a lot.





    Put original siggies and these siggies side by side, can you note the difference ?

    Which one you prefer most ?


    If you like the changes, here are the solutions for all of it :


    1. Open the PNG image in Paint,NET.

    2. Duplicate the layer and set the duplicated layer's blending mode to screen mode. Tweak the transparency to adjust the brightness. ( This is a non-destructive way of adjusting the brightness )

    3. Duplicate the layer again, and set the duplicated layer blending mode to overlay mode. Tweak the transparency settings to adjust the contrast. ( This is a non-destructive way to adjust the contrast )

    4. Flatten the image and save to png or just save it to pdn format firstly before that ( if you still want to adjust those layers few weeks or few months later ). If you like to enhance the details, just follow the instructions on contrast mask tutorial.

    Contrast mask tutorial : http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/28721-photo-contrast-mask/?p=418112

    5. If you wish, just smart sharpening the edges using this tutorial :




    Hoping that this way can help !


    Cheerio !

  4.    932424mec0mkv7hq.gif


    Congratulations to Pixey and Helen !

    And to all participants...




    Yes, thank you to the voters. Also to null54 who wrotes PSFilterPdn plugin. Without this plugin as the reason, running my favorite plugin from Ulead ( Particles plugin ) is not possible.


    And thanks to the competition host/organizer, chimay12321. Keep your head up !


    Cheerio !

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  5. I've been using (as well as Color Harmonies) something called ColorPic.Ink for years and I have Win7.  I see it's available here but keep an eye on safety upon downloading.

    Thank you !

    Colormania failed to fulfill my expectations ( I think it's Win7 incompatible ), so I pick your choice. And it's works well straight away after installations.

    Downloading from Cnet and softonic is not 100% safe so it's good to provide the link from official website :



    So that the others can gets the same benefits.


    Cheers !

  6. Place all 3 dlls in the Effects folder.

    I'm following your suggestion and I got errors when running the plugin.


    Here are something that can explain what had happened :


    File: C:\Program Files\paint.net\Effects\PdnFF.dll
          Effect Name: PdnFF.PdnFF_Effect
          Full error message: System.DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL 'ffparse_x86.dll': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)
       at PdnFF.ffparse.ffeval32.SetupBitmap(IntPtr pixelData, Int32 width, Int32 height, Int32 stride, Int32 pixelSize)
       at PdnFF.ffparse.SetupBitmap(IntPtr pixelData, Int32 width, Int32 height, Int32 stride)
       at PdnFF.FilterEnviromentData.ResetEnviroment()
       at PdnFF.PdnFF_Effect.SetupFilterEnviromentData()
       at PdnFF.PdnFF_Effect.CreateConfigDialog()
       at PaintDotNet.Menus.EffectMenuBase.RunEffectImpl(Type effectType) in d:\src\pdn\paintdotnet\src\PaintDotNet\Menus\EffectMenuBase.cs:line 910




  7. What if you go into Settings (gear icon at top right) and disable Hardware Acceleration?


    My bet is there's something spooky with your video card driver. You might try updating it.


    Thanks Rick !


    We have the same thought about the video card driver. I believe that the driver software ( that was re-installed during post HDD re-formatting process, according to the first time when someone just bought a new netbook ) can't support Paint.NET 4.0 needs anymore. I've done the update via Windows Update and also disabling Hardware Acceleration. And it's hits the bull-eye perfectly.


    I re-ran Paint.Net after the update and waiting for about half an hour to see if that blue phantom showing up again. And no blue phantom showing up even after several hours. Before the update, it's takes about 10-15 minutes to show up.


    Since each incidence offering a chance for us to learn something and sharing it is caring, I attached the screenshot showing the things that needed on Windows Update part. Hoping that everyone can get benefits from what had happened to me.


    Note : The netbook is about 4 years old.


  8. Hi !


    My netbook got crashed and was sent for a fixing job. I re-installed Paint.NET and plugins ( that survived the crash ) and things gone so weird right after the re-installation.


    Blue Screen Crash happened for three times, strangely on each time Paint.NET was opened.


    With this post I included the diagnostic results from two incidences happened before the third one.



    Any opinions ?


    Thanks !



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