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  1. So far... Perfect ! My .ora line file that I made with Paint.NET is successfully open in both Krita and MyPaint : The screenshot in Paint.NET : https://i.imgsafe.org/19c78de.png The screenshot in Krita : https://i.imgsafe.org/2c1637b.png The screenshot in MyPaint : https://i.imgsafe.org/2b6dec7.png All of it are too big for the displaying in the forum.
  2. Congratulations Pixey and MJW ! Nice entry, everyone !
  3. Congratulations to MJW and all participants ! And thank you to DrewDale for hosting the competition.
  4. Okay, let me say something. I like both works, somehow I have to be fair. In this case, I'm treating signatures like shops' signboards. It needs clarity to stand out and showing the corporate identity of the shop. At the same time, I'm using seven elements of arts ( Lines, Space, Tone, Colours, Textures, Shapes & Forms ) and principles of designing ( Balance, Contrast, Emphasis, Movement, Pattern, Rhythm, Unity ) 'penalty shoot-out' to decide the winner. Line (s )- Limon 0 DrewDale 1 Space- Limon 0 DrewDale 1 Tone - Limon 0 DrewDale 1 Colours- Limon 1 DrewDale 1 Shapes- Limon 0 DrewDale 1 Form- Limon 0 DrewDale 1 Textures- Limon 1 DrewDale 0 Balance- Limon 0 DrewDale 1 Contrast-Limon 0 DrewDale 1 Emphasis-Limon 0 DrewDale 1 Movement-Limon 1 DrewDale 0 Pattern-Limon 0 DrewDale 0 Rhythm-Limon 0 DrewDale 0 Unity- Limon 0 DrewDale 1 So, in Elements Of Arts Limon 2 DrewDale 6, and Principles Of Designing Limon 1 DrewDale 4. Speaking about the clarity of the signature, it goes to DrewDale. So far I give DrewDale a fair winning this time. Latest results : Limon 1 - DrewDale 1
  5. Oh ! I'm sorry to read that, Si Borg ! Get Well Soon !
  6. Congratulations, ReMake ! I like this plugin. It helps me in extracting images and so many purposes.
  7. Wow ! You made it better ! It even better than those photoshop-made ice cube. Can you share you tips in the thread, if you don't mind ?
  8. Can I translate this important article in my native language, for the usage in my future Paint.NET tutorial blog ? Thanks !
  9. I want to submit my entry...
  10. That Wow ! I'm agreeing with you that this plugin has many purposes
  11. Welcome. I think it's good for the plugin to stay the same.
  12. My goodness... I'm no longer have PS to make those live comparison.
  13. Thanks ! Updates will be available as soon as possible.
  14. Thank you for that suggestion. Can you show how to do that visually ?
  15. Safety Helmet : http://clipartbold.com/clipart-13139.html Warning Bench (?) : http://iconizer.net/en/search/No-license-filtering/0-128/1/construction
  16. Yup, it's something from Adobe PS. Anyway, I've tried to adapt high-key glow PS tutorial using white and grey options, and it's give almost similar results. :-)
  17. Thanks for the feedback, MJW ! It can be achieved by adjusting the transparency of the object, checked that transparency box and adjust the transparency around 185-183. However, we're still needing Step 6 & Step 7 to create the back face and the base of the ice cube. Because we need different level of brightness and darkness to create that effect.
  18. How about adding up highlights, midtone and shadow to the colour options ?
  19. This is the plugin I'm waiting for ! Here are what happened when I'd rather use color range to do Pleasantville Effects : ( Using Black & White Effect on selected area ) It's better than using magic wand alone. Look at what happened when I 'blew up' the picture to 200 % zoom : Still fine and no grotty colour gap/border which always happened when I used magic wand only. With this plugin, Paint.NET is able to do the things that Adobe PS does. Congratulations, ReMake !
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