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  1. I thought it ought to be possible even with the caviat that it is not under direct control (see my the original reply above) because I understood that Photoshop and GIMP already had this facility - although I could not say whether it extends to app specific XMP data Martin
  2. I am wondering hos feasible it would be for to retain ALL the exif data that is to be found on the input file before editing At present the exif item "USER COMMENT" is populated by my panorama stitching software to hold field of view and vertical offset information to be used when the jpg file is converted to html for publication. This field is written back by but in a format not usable for this purpose Also, the section of the exif data known as XMP data (application specific exif addons) is appended to images by several apps including my stitching app to include the full dimensions and projection type and cropping data and this is used by social media repositories such as Facebook to decide how to display images. This data is completely deleted by updates Is this problem one that can easily be addressed in with an option to retain all exif/xmp data Martin
  3. I should add that I only just spotted this problem as I only just started using Kolor Panotour but on reverting to 3.5.10 temporarily I can now add that the exact same problem exists with this version too - i.e. it is not a V4 specific issue Martin
  4. I use Kolor APG for stitching panoramas and have just started using Kolor Panotour 2.0 to convert jpg files to flash for the web I often using after stitching to tidy up small errors that arise from stitching and in the past this has been much more effective than correcting these by restitching the whole thing again However I have just discovered that Panotour seems to use the "User Comment" field in the exif data to record FOV and Offset data for use in converting to spherical Flash images for the web seems to delete this data from exif which I assume is a bug and this causes Panotour to use the wrong data unless I can go back to find out what it should have been and re-enter it into Panotour manually Any chance of a fix Pre and Post exif samples atached