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  1. This my rendering of the eyeball tutorial. I have blue eyes. I accidently left one on the table.
  2. I really enjoyed doing this tutorial. Here is my effort including some personal tweaks to the color, base and the wood table is PdN-generated (not a photo paste-in).
  3. I did these collages of Leelee Sobieski back in 2011 just for fun. Each features 4 Paint.NET effects.
  4. WOW! It really captures the behavior of a wise sneaky snake.
  5. Thanx for your compliments, guys! I agree that my Space Shuttle work is the best. Since I did it 4-5 years ago I don't remember how I created the rocket flames.By the way, my graphics work is all self-taught (no formal schooling in computer graphics).
  6. This is my Paint.NET signature. I've had it a few years - originally made it in GIMP. This one is pure Paint.NET.
  7. In this image I used Paint.NET to ceate the booster rockets' flames of thrust and "Edge of Space" background.
  8. This work is called "Galaxy Rise" using several Paint.NET tutorials
  9. This work is called "Planet Disaster" using several Paint.NET tutorials:
  10. Sorry about the confusion. After I posted my 2 images to the forum I changed their locations in Photobucket & forgot to update the links. I finally remembered to update!
  11. Thank you Red Ochre. Getting compliments from you means a lot for me.
  12. This is my effort using Redochre's tutorial for a seascape using Furblur plugin.
  13. This is my 3D Globe. I used pdnnoob's tutorial "3D extrusion from sphere". Notice the polar caps.
  14. Hi! Being new to the Paint.NET Forum I thought I'd Introduce my avatar:
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