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  1. hello is it possible to convert a closed area of bitmap with area that will show background. hey srry i cannot give a technical description
  2. oh yess i finally got it .. thx guys for ur help
  3. i put PhotoShop.dll into C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\FileTypes.. after i did this i was presented with "continue" option. so it must have been done right. is it possible to confirm plugin was loaded properly or would it b easier to try and open the psd file i want. btw the psd i want to open is: Tee_Template_1200x1200.psd from Threadless.com. https://www.threadless.com/threadless/submission-kit/ the reason i tried to open psd via shortcut is the instructor n tutorial does so. if u would like to see it :55 - some help on how to open psd would b very much appreciated? Plea
  4. i dont think i did it right.. i cannot find psd file: Tee_Template from Threadless.com. when i open psd shortcut i click on "open with" on popup. a dialog box then appears which in effect says "open PSD with". i chose: Paint.Net.. a bunch of options then appear. i do not know which to chose
  5. how can i tell if i did it right how can i tell if i did it right
  6. How to install the plugin http://psdplugin.codeplex.com/ Close Paint.NET. Open the ZIP file, and then copy PhotoShop.dll to: C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\FileTypes Restart Paint.NET, which will automatically detect the PSD filetype plugin. I cannot find where i am instructed to put file: PhotoShop.dll into which is file: C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\FileTypes. i have never been through this process. when i download i only need to click on "run", "yes", "accept", etc. i might need to restart comp. the process is over at that point. will u help me? please and thk u
  7. hey all i have been trying to open psd file: Tee_Template!_1200x1200 but have been unsuccessful. some help would be very much appreciated. I thought Paint.Net would open pds files.
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