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  1. I get an error when trying to use this plugin File: C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects\BlendSeams.dll Effect Name: BlendSeams.Plugin Full error message: System.MethodAccessException: Attempt by method 'DinkPDN.Effects.Simple.ConfigurableDoubleAttribute.Create(System.Reflection.PropertyInfo)' to access method 'PaintDotNet.IndirectUI.ControlInfo.CreateConcreteControl(System.Object)' failed. at DinkPDN.Effects.Simple.ConfigurableDoubleAttribute.Create(PropertyInfo property) at DinkPDN.Effects.Simple.BaseConfigurableEffect.CreateConfigDialog() at PaintDotNet.Menus.EffectMenuBase.RunEffectImpl(Type effectType) in D:\src\pdn\src\PaintDotNet\Menus\EffectMenuBase.cs:line 910
  2. Also your intro was very nicely done, forget the idiots and put it back up there
  3. Just wanted to say that this plugin is brilliant, i never at all really comment on anything that i think is great but this is some great development. Now i can create planets for my game that i was going to scrap
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