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  1. Awesome, I just noticed this myself today when testing out the new Beta and was about to post this When you have a larger image in clipboard than the page size, and you paste it it now truncates the image into the limitations of the visible page window. In Paint.NET 3.5.11 it would allow you to manually resize the image and keep the FULL image intact until you can properly size it into the visible space, but this is no longer possible with Paint.NET 4 Beta, you have to instead now paste the image into a new image, then re-size, then cut/paste and fit back into your original image where you wanted it creating 3 extra steps to what could be done with 1 step in Paint.NET 3.5.x. If possible, this is the one big feature I wish would be made to match 3.5.11. So glad I saw it was being fixed.