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  1. Thank god someone agrees. I'm used to be mocked for such requirements :-) I'm looking forward to it, thank you. ------ RgB
  2. Hi, I used to fix scanned images so that i made a rectangular selection, rotated the selection to fit whatever i scanned (a paycheck for example), then changed to "move selected pixels" tool and rotated the selected image with SHIFT pressed. In the 3.xx versions by pressing SHIFT the rectangular section rotated to parallel with the screen and multiples of 15 deg from there. This Way I easily had put the image parallel to the screen, cropped and saved. In the b4.0.5168.12074 version the selected part also rotates multiples of 15 deg, but starting from how the selection is already rotated, so that with SHIFT it doesn't stop on the screen-parallel point. If this wasn't understandable, now explained by example: Have a rectangular selection rotated by 4°. Switch to "move selected pixels". 3xx: With shift pressed the rectangle rotates to 0°, 15°, 30° to screen borders. 4xx: With shift pressed the rectangle rotates to 4°, 19°, 34° to screen borders, because the original selection was 4° rotated. I assume this is a feature – someone thought it was a good idea. I believe my way of using this is very common, so would you please change this behavior so that the rotation stops on 0°, too? Yeah, why not, from the example above it could stop on all of them: 0°, 4°, 15°, 19°, etc. This way everyone gets what he/she wanted. Thanks in advance, Richard G. Bayer