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  1. Copyright © Ulf Engstrand 2014. This is a plugin that lets you load and save Amiga (.info) files. Installation Copy AmigaIcon.dll and AmigaIcon.palettes to your Paint.NET FileTypes folder. Main features * Load and save classic Amiga OS 1.0-3.1 icons up to 16 colors palette - Automatic palette recognition based on number of bitplanes and version - Automatic color remapping to new palette on save (useful for conversions) - Some common palettes included such as MagicWB and ClassicWB's FreshIcons - Additional palettes can be added in the AmigaIcon.palettes file - Palette selector is opened if multiple palette alternatives are found * Load and save classic Amiga OS 3.5/3.9 icons up to 256 true colors - Supports compression/decompression (run-length encoding) - Supports transparent colors - Automatically creates an Amiga OS 1.0-3.1 icon for compatibility (make sure to select palette) * Set icon type, stacksize and highlight mode * Preserves icon tooltypes and default tool data Future If there is any interest I may implement support for NewIcons. Please send bug reports or feature requests to me. Other I can highly recommend the LowColor plugin by jxp for reducing color depth. There are no warranties whatsoever on this plugin. Use it at your own risk. Paint.NET AmigaIcon