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  1. Thank you Ego Eram Reputo for that but unfortunately welshblue seems to have vanished from all places people have pointed us towards the past few months and one person on deviant art said he had passed away in October. Any enlightenment on this Out of curiosity why is he no longer on the members list here but it's okay to have his tutorials showing?
  2. First off I'm not interested in internal politics - just artistic quality. I really want to get in touch with welshblue about something and am wondering if anyone can private message me an alternative way of contacting him please?
  3. This is beautiful. As people have said before me, macabre but I guessing that's the point. Would you be interested in making ebook covers? I've tried to send you a personal message but can't.
  4. Your work displays such a high level of realism that it is breathtaking that it is produced with a free soffware. The way you get life into the images with light and shadows is second to none. that I have seen. After lurking for a while and viewing your tutorials you make it look so easy. Where do you get the ideas for your images? Or the idea of which technique to use? Decay is a very thought inspiring image. Anyone who has experienced pain and suffering can draw empathy to this. The composition and the images used work together so very well. It should be on a book cover. Which bri
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