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  1. Shape draw/fill mode icon: It’s really hard to see if there is an outline or not because fill colors are too dark Gradient fill icon would need more contrasting colors than blue and purple
  2. Thank you Rick for the Overscroll feature! As dance39 pointed out it might need some tuning to be perfect. Ctrl-0 should center the image, as should Resizing the image.
  3. Why does Paint.NET remove EXIF data from images? If I open a photograph in Paint.Net and save it, all Exif data is gone: date&time, camera details, etc...
  4. I just installed 4.0 beta. I was hoping this 'scrolling past image edges' issue would be solved in 4.0, but apparently no luck. This has been amongst the most annoying 'features' of paint.net for me, and continues to be that way. It is very difficult to edit areas near image edges.
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