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  1. Hello. I've observed a strange behavior. When I copy an image in another application to the clipboard and click in Paint.NET on File->New the Dialog normally suggests the width and the height of the image in the clipboard. This works for me with MS Paint and Gimp but not for Photoshop CS6. When I copy a picture in Photoshop to the clipboard and create a new one in Paint.NET, the suggested size is one pixel wider and one pixel higher than the size of the picture I've copied to the clipboard. When I keep this suggested size and create the new Image, the background has the color white as always. When I now paste the image from the clipboard, the pixel row at the bottom and the column at the right side get transparent. I've attached a screenshot with 800% magnification, which shows a test image after I've pasted it. Since the other graphic programs handle the size of the PS image in the clipboard correctly, I think this is a bug in Paint.NET 4.0 beta build 5168. Best regards, Herbie