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  1. I did give this plugin a go but found it too confusing (may say more about me than the plugin). So I've been using http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=7216 - very simple but, despite concerns expresssed on that thread, seems to work fine.* I'm content. But if this one is better and someone can provide an idiot guide to how the various doodads correct pincushioning and barrelling, I'll try again. Still not sure I'll be happy that it opens in a separate, smaller, harder-to-see-what's-happening window, though... Thanks. * EDIT: Although it's true that if you push that si
  2. No problem, David. Re over-reacting: mea culpa. In fact, I have another apology to make - to EER. For twas he wot inserted the (corrrect) link back in post #3, not you, David (see post #11). I prostrate to you both. I used to be smart. What's happening?
  3. Another apology, David... The link you substituted: http://forums.getpai...?showtopic=7216 IS a link to the simple, effective tool I found and dowloaded. In fact, I'd found that thread when I when I was first looking. I then found 'the Korean tool' (http://forums.getpai...showtopic=26347) - which didn't do it for me - and somehow managed to discombobulate myself about which was which. If it's ok with you, I'll leave my posts as they are - makes for a good story! So the correct link IS in post #1100. And yes, it is in the index
  4. In fact, my 'problem' - the reason for my first post - was that I could find no download link for the 'pirate' file (I only wanted one link for one tool and didn't know the site was dangerous). Just as well, huh?! I have run a virus scan since dowloading the second file. But thanks for the advice, David. Appreciated. PS I completely understand why the links I gave have been removed. But for the record, the substituted link in an earlier post (#3) hypertexted "Camera Lens Distortion" is not the tool I eventually found and preferred. That must mean that tool is also inappropriate
  5. Well I gave it a go. FWIW, herewith my review of (what I shall call) the Korean tool: 1) You have to do the work in a separate, smaller window - very hard to see exactly what effect the sliders are having until you apply them, check the main Paint window, and then go back to the small window. Not conducive to intuitive editing. 2) The ridiculously complicated numbers accompanying the mysterious sliders might mean something to gifted people, but they mean nothing to me. 3) (Most importantly): I only spent 3 or 4 minutes with it, but I could only get the thing to make pincushion mano
  6. Thanks, Drew. In fact, just moments ago I found this: Camera Lens Distortion (link edited by EER) Which seems fine to me. It's very simple, but far as I can tell so far works well enough. I scanned it with Avast and Malwarebytes and nothing found. Earlier, via Paint, I had found and installed that Korean dll , but for some reason it didn't engage - just opened in a separate window and sat there (?!)
  7. Hi guys, I Just joined your delightful, helpful forum (it really is!) - and asked this question in the plug-ins sub. I'll ask it again here in case it's the proper/better place. I'm looking for a simple lens correction tool, to correct pincushion (or barrelling) distortion on some 35mm negatives I'm scanning. I found this - [Removed] - but I can't find a link to just that one plug-in 1) Can I get it by itself? 2) If yes - where? 3) If no - is there another plugin available that does the same thing? NB: I'm an elderly computer idiot. Be gentl
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