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  1. IMO - why the west is going to H in a H: Nowadays, "enlightened" people say: "Ha, people in long-ago centuries were SO primitive. Their kings drank from lead cups. [oh?? and nowadays FDA kings haven't approve thimerosal + amalgam fillings?] [and speak of LEAD - we have LEDs containing Phosphors, and LEDs often zap eyes from brightness! Back to the future: "Ha, people in the 20-21st centuries were SO primitive. Their zero-empathy professionals tended to spout what they "knew" ...Vs. "wisely-knowing" subtleties surrounding "facts" they spouted. They would subject people to barbarically rigid medical/surgical regimens. Personnel at clinics acted like icebergs to patrons, then charged fortunes with no money-back guarantee's. Then the naive patrons would agree to be subjected to all sorts of dead-end regimens, based on Zero-Transparency, sorta like guinea pigs on treadmills, because they'd be taken in by the sophisticated facades of the zero-empathy administrators. They'd agree to have labels slapped onto their conditions (as if they're wine bottles), even though ABC-condition might have similar symptoms AND causes as XYZ-condition. Compare that to nowadays, where we tap into zero-point-energy (such as L.I.F.E. or SCIO etc.) for diagnostics. We detox bi-monthly via ancient NON-INVASIVE proven methods such as Leeches, AND/OR the sequence of salt-water-immersion followed by Suctioning Grounded-mudpool while Far-InfraRed shines on the pool. This serves to Detox, Decharge, and ReGround any of us who become overcharged from too much stress, or chemicals, metals & parasites. Not that we much need it, since our societies are wiser than to subject ourselves to toxins. We then take our bi-monthly maintenance dosage of phototherapy which hones in on the precise areas of our bodies requiring maintenance, in order to photoactivate the stemcells in that area.
  2. Assuming professionals would want to do a bumper sticker such as the one in my sig. how would they have made it more professional? (and which I assume can be done more easily using the 4.xx series, huh I've seen various paint tutorials these past months, but not too many ongoing series showing how to maneuver text in conjunction with pics. I find myself doing that more often than not (such as for example my recent post re: vertically connected alphabet, which I combined with a pic. for 250 copies of a trifold I made (using different wording) I don't suppose clear video tutorials are available which innovatively manipulate text as part of diagrams?
  3. Ah, well, that may explain some of your recent responses. Your friend, the resident - heh heh ROFL Its also why I posted the below - not that I expect it to make a dent in the western pandemic http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/4510-rants-enter-at-own-risk/?p=415943 Actually, if your friend hasn't been totally corrupted by the system (yet), he may enjoy the story of the amber shard of glass. That's if he takes time out of the ivy league tower to read it. P.S. It's not that I'm not born in the U.S. (in the 60's). Rather,you can consider me eclecticized vs. westernized. Both by nature & by experience. What I'm not? Is unbudgably factualized. I've learned to accept "facts" only with extreme caution - actually animosity - since they're mostly used for bad not good. Unfortunately, how I regret that western programming conditioned me in the past to near-worship facts - but subsequent RL experiences pushed me the opposite way after coming to realize how treacherous factual people usually are. Granted, emotional people are treacherous. But the former? What a disillusionment.. Of course, you may immediately point out that Paint.net programming is all about facts. Sure, but that's immediately evident - you immediately SEE it in action, working for you. What is not evident to the casual observer, is whether there's bloatedness in the internal programming. That's similar to westernized MD's who see the surface of people, without knowing nor wanting to know the toxins which are clogging them. They're programmed to be casual observers vs. compassionates, who dig toward the causal culprits. They label everyone as if we're wine bottles, never mind that all the labels may have common-culprits. That's why ZPE-based L.I.F.E. is head & shoulders above the FDA/AMA/NIH at diagnostics. So - if you want to prove that your M.D. friend really does consider facts to be a priority, why not put it to the test? See if he's willing to round up some people he knows, who have certain pains which were not picked up on tests doled out by conventional med. Then have those same people be run through L.I.F.E. diagnostics http://www.lifesystemusa.com/ProVersionScreens/ thus see for himself nite vs. day. Would he be willing? That's the acid test of whether he's a purist or incurably brainwashed by the NIH/AMA system. Another thing: No doubt your M.D. friend is aware that people with means are heading off for what's called "medical-tourism"? Many are being interviewed in an ongoing online radio series by this guy: John Cote: http://www.spreaker.com/show/healthcare-elsewhere and in one of them I heard him discuss with an intervieweee how resistant the entrenched establishment is, leaving no choice for patients who just want to get on with it. (his words - get on with it) His gist was that while the entrenched factual establishment tend to be unbudgeable authoritarians - needs are needs. So those "needy" tend to get on with it and have been helped big time! - like water flowing toward the paths of least resistance. Your M.D. buddy may want to bear that in mind, that's if it weren't so moot (given the world situation).
  4. And that's exactly my point. IMO the reason the Western world has reached the state its in today, is because they tend to: Say what they know factually versus experientially Knowing what they say Documentualized "fact" usually does not = experientualized truth of individuals. For example, there was a story about a young woman whose kid brother was mute. She couldn't understand his excitement over a "silly" amber-shard of glass. First later, when she became blind, and by an accidental "fluke" excitedly regained her vision when she put her brother's amber-shard near her eye - first then did she gain an understanding of "why" the amber-shard used to excite her brother. So - had you chatted with her prior to her blindness, you might have heard her saying what she knows about her brother But - had you chatted with her after her brother's glass-shard restored her vision, you might then have heard her knowing what she says about her brother So that's it in a nutshell - my opinion for why the world is in the mess its in. People talk at each other (not to each other) in real life and on forums all the time - making rash assumptions without knowing where each other is at. The irony, is that even the most seemingly "logical, rational" advice which is well-intentioned and well-meaning can seem (emphasis on "seem") as if John is so helpful to Jane, whereas the advice is actually such a loaded issue to Jane, that it harms more than helps her (even though, based on surface appearance, the entire public is positive that John is the wronged-one even though he's actually the wrong-one. The mute boy's sister was well-intentioned but she was not Knowing. (until later) The forum-posting public can be well-intentioned but not Knowing. The real-life public can be well-intentioned but not Knowing. All it takes is to painfully dredge up some imagination & some emotion. That's all it takes to become non-assuming.
  5. Voila - smoked fries http://www.stayatstovedad.com/.a/6a00e55503a4a388340154361c1e71970c-800wi Seriously - even paint.net's burnt 3.xx leftovers are more palatable other menus!
  6. skullbonz, interesting that you even found that, after my having heard from both local hardware & Home Depot that such fixtures don't exist. From the URL you gave, do you mean something like this: http://www.ledindon.com/photos/9208/zoom-9208-02.jpg Thing is, it's less than half 40 inches. Also - could it hold a standard 43W halogen bulb? It also doesn't come with a silicone lampshade to fit on it, such as to shield from halogen heat. As for ceiling lamp, I did see on your URL - the Steng / Architonic. I couldn't find a U.S. phone number, to ask them for example how many inches their flex-lamp extends from ceiling, and if it can hold a 43W halogen bulb plus silicone lampshade. I'd rather not email them my JPG, despite that it might clarify my questions.
  7. There's actually not hundreds of flexi-lamps such as I pictured. There's zero. Been too google back & forth. How about showing me even one? I had also called Home Depot and elsewhere. Nada. David, are you in the medical field? Regarding migraines, I get Ocular Migraines when I have dry eye. Call it whatever you wish. Let's stick to "simple headache caused from dry eyes". That's consistent with me.
  8. I hear, and thanks for the well-rounded answers! As for the rest, I explained where I'm at in the past, including asked advice. It's a loaded issue. For now I remain lagging with my vulnerable thinkpads and my non-supported "dangerous" 3.xx Chevy. But taking it into perspective - nearly the whole world now is fried smoke...
  9. Sorry if this was already asked before, and also if its too a loaded Q then no problem. As I mentioned in past, I don't see myself bothering to get a Win7 or later system for the foreseeable future. My question is - would old-version users be at a HUGE disadvantage due to non-updating? I.E. is it radically improved (rendering 3.5.11 sorta primitive by comparison?
  10. Ego, thanks! Regarding an active selection, I don't quite recall, but its highly unlikely because by now I'm more or less "reconditioned" to be alert to the quirks which selections impose. BTW, it was not the "recolor" tool, but rather, as stated above, I was recoloring using the line-draw tool. The Recolor tool was contraindicated in this instance anyway, for the reason that the Gradient's effect caused the Text-letter to become a non-uniform color. Aside from that, I mentioned elsewhere that a well-rated "recolor" tutorial on youtube failed to work for me. (That particular scenario was a case of having used Paintbrush to change the black background surrounding an object (to yellow) leaving a sorta rough-black outline still surrounding the object. So I was trying to change the rough-black outline to yellow, using the Recolor tool, but as I said, even though I step-by-step followed the video's instructions, it did not work for me. And yes, I'd ensured the image was flattened.
  11. I'd be interested in seeing a pic. of your standing lamp. Is the branched-off reading-lamp 40" long & twistable & encased in silicone? As for practicality, it can come in handy in a large old fashioned room in basement where an "unofficial" electrical guy forgot where I told him to put a ceiling lite (closer to laundry) and instead he put it farther away, so now there's 2 lites in that area, and dimmer above the laundry. Skullbonz: Since you're an electrician please don't report the above, since the world is going to H in a H anyway - given world news & in any case that guy totally knows what he's doing electronically, even if he didn't follow the location instructions and is somewhat a wacko In response to yours - I'd also wondered about it being too heavy. So how would this work: Either the hug-a-plug (with dummie prongs to go into lower socket - such as child-safety plugs) OR: http://store.worldstart.com/images/product_images/8402/8402-thumb.jpg...with the gooseneck emerging from either of the latter. This much I can say: If they're electronically feasible and if I had contacts with Chinese electrical producers - you might be seeing cheapo imports of these at Home Depot next week or next month. P.S. While on the topic of eclectic practicality, I wish someone would design an affordable Full-Face (or full body) version of the below, for the sake of not only my dry-eyes (premature cataract??) but also my dry nostrils & sensitive neck & heart palps - resulting from computer EMFs: http://www.red-dot-21.com/products/jins-moisture-eyewear-22395 BTW, in case any of you have kids in college needing a good subject for statistical research, here's a good subject for research: See, I have this theory, that maybe nearsighted people get less headaches and premature cataracts (despite the medical hype) for the very reason that glasses offer a degree of protection from the wind. After all, its dry eyes which cause Ocular Migraines. The research should be conducted in both Humid and Dry parts of the country, to offer a well-rounded, accurate, picture.
  12. Consider this rhetorical, for the record, even if its a freak glitch. If this was already mentioned, or if it was due to some unknowing error of my own, by all means delete this. But for the record: I have Win XP + SP3 + 2gb RAM. Today I was using line-draw to re-color the outline of a capital-letter (and also recolor within the letter), after having used the Gradient to "shine lite onto a pool". Anyway, the colored-rays wound up spilling over onto the adjacent outlined text. ...which is why I resorted to recoloring using line-draw. (Probably crude, I know, but besides the point. ...the point is, that it was not recoloring. I tried a few times - also checked that I was on the right layer (even flattened the layers). So I gave up and self-resolved my issue by attempting to freshly reset everything: saving it as JPG, then opening it into IrfanView then again saving via Irfan to Desktop as JPG then exiting paint.net cold-turkey then opening the Irfan-saved jpg into a freshly-opened paint.net whereupon coloring in the lines became fully functional
  13. Weird or not, is it electrically viable or not? That is the Q. P.S. as for the amateur rendering, for the life of me I can't grasp the various youtube tutorials which so many people seem to thumbs-Up. Like when I was trying to figure out the Re-color tool, I watched the Rubilax video, but it didn't work for me, even though the narrator made out its simple as pie. But even given the lack of dummie-geared video's, paint.net rocks compared to others, due to its user-friendly programming.
  14. Often in conjunction with Irfan (and without having yet tackled: recolor, gradient, pan & clone): ...I use the geniously-programmed paint.net for very rough practical ideas, in the hope of conveying needed solutions to a world who could care less. In the hope that simple solutions to problems would be made available in a future world, if only because the idea was passed on. Cuz often the best solution, can be the least complicated one. Like a simple message in a simple bottle, floating in the ethers. Such as the little boy who advised the grown-ups - why not just deflate the tires? (to resolve a high-clearance truck stuck in tunnel) Such as suspending silicone flaps above walkways, due to cars who ignore white-painted walkways. Such as a simple neighbor who once offered me a food which resolved a horrific issue I had, when all "pro" sources failed me (yet subsequent tellee's remained aloofly skeptical. Seems the world specializes in cranking out frosted aloofs and broiled goofs. (btw, traffic solutions needs to take into account that a future world may lack silly traffic issues due to ZPE) P.S. My current fantasy is "how I wish I could design via Thingieverse & print via 3d printer a particular type of ultra-useful ultra-potential disposable thingie for the purpose of a kit which I'm currently marketing for the primary reason of conveying the concept of healing via infrared in combo with quicksand, followed up by SVF cell infusion.