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  1. IMO - why the west is going to H in a H: Nowadays, "enlightened" people say: "Ha, people in long-ago centuries were SO primitive. Their kings drank from lead cups. [oh?? and nowadays FDA kings haven't approve thimerosal + amalgam fillings?] [and speak of LEAD - we have LEDs containing Phosphors, and LEDs often zap eyes from brightness! Back to the future: "Ha, people in the 20-21st centuries were SO primitive. Their zero-empathy professionals tended to spout what they "knew" ...Vs. "wisely-knowing" subtleties surrounding "facts" they spouted. They would subject people to barbarically ri
  2. And that's exactly my point. IMO the reason the Western world has reached the state its in today, is because they tend to: Say what they know factually versus experientially Knowing what they say Documentualized "fact" usually does not = experientualized truth of individuals. For example, there was a story about a young woman whose kid brother was mute. She couldn't understand his excitement over a "silly" amber-shard of glass. First later, when she became blind, and by an accidental "fluke" excitedly regained her vision when she put her brother's amber-shard near her eye - first then
  3. Voila - smoked fries http://www.stayatstovedad.com/.a/6a00e55503a4a388340154361c1e71970c-800wi Seriously - even paint.net's burnt 3.xx leftovers are more palatable other menus!
  4. I hear, and thanks for the well-rounded answers! As for the rest, I explained where I'm at in the past, including asked advice. It's a loaded issue. For now I remain lagging with my vulnerable thinkpads and my non-supported "dangerous" 3.xx Chevy. But taking it into perspective - nearly the whole world now is fried smoke...
  5. Sorry if this was already asked before, and also if its too a loaded Q then no problem. As I mentioned in past, I don't see myself bothering to get a Win7 or later system for the foreseeable future. My question is - would old-version users be at a HUGE disadvantage due to non-updating? I.E. is it radically improved (rendering 3.5.11 sorta primitive by comparison?
  6. Ego, thanks! Regarding an active selection, I don't quite recall, but its highly unlikely because by now I'm more or less "reconditioned" to be alert to the quirks which selections impose. BTW, it was not the "recolor" tool, but rather, as stated above, I was recoloring using the line-draw tool. The Recolor tool was contraindicated in this instance anyway, for the reason that the Gradient's effect caused the Text-letter to become a non-uniform color. Aside from that, I mentioned elsewhere that a well-rated "recolor" tutorial on youtube failed to work for me. (That particular scenari
  7. Consider this rhetorical, for the record, even if its a freak glitch. If this was already mentioned, or if it was due to some unknowing error of my own, by all means delete this. But for the record: I have Win XP + SP3 + 2gb RAM. Today I was using line-draw to re-color the outline of a capital-letter (and also recolor within the letter), after having used the Gradient to "shine lite onto a pool". Anyway, the colored-rays wound up spilling over onto the adjacent outlined text. ...which is why I resorted to recoloring using line-draw. (Probably crude, I know, but besides the point. ...
  8. Often in conjunction with Irfan (and without having yet tackled: recolor, gradient, pan & clone): ...I use the geniously-programmed paint.net for very rough practical ideas, in the hope of conveying needed solutions to a world who could care less. In the hope that simple solutions to problems would be made available in a future world, if only because the idea was passed on. Cuz often the best solution, can be the least complicated one. Like a simple message in a simple bottle, floating in the ethers. Such as the little boy who advised the grown-ups - why not just deflate the tire
  9. The John Oliver vid. re: net neutrality is popular. I have slow 1 mbps DSL and even that's expensive for me, let alone FIOS. btw, Comcast, Verizon and all large monopolies would be rendered impotent if only everyone acknowledged zero point energy (connective-force) including all research & technologies which has attempted to tap into ZPE for free energy, diagnostics & so forth.
  10. xod, regarding the multiple layers, I'm far from expert, so its hard for me to visualize how to achieve curves over an extended area without seeing an animation of someone connecting several Layers containing fdcomposites. Some people are talented at tinkering, and acquiring experience that way, but tinkering takes me forever. (speak of composites, I similarly wish the Windows Wizard enabled Printing 2 composites of my FD logo to achieve an 11x14 poster versus a wimpy 8x11 poster Pixey, is the upper & lower part of the Cygnet f able to be manipulated somehow into more r
  11. Hi, xod, while yours is very pretty, is there anything closer to my own design for the fd-combo, ....except with the f made more pretty? Because I'd prefer it to match up with the rest of my logo (which is already incorporated with a picture) I should also clarify that it would be used as a LARGE POSTER so needs to be HEAVY. Unfortunately I can't seem to get Windows photo printer to set it up as 11x14 and print on two 8x11's. As of now, my -f- looks sorta like a coat hanger because I can't leverage the curves the way I want them due to having had insufficient Nodes to work with (which t
  12. I'm posting this here, because I'm lacking the stamina to handle a formal thread. So consider this a rhetorical question-or-comment, and if anyone here is in the mood to beautify it, so much the better.. If you can believe it, the below wimpy combo took me hours resulting in a severe migraine (usually the case when I try cranking out graphics). At worst case, if nobody can fix it, I guess I'll wind up using it in its current ughy form. To the point - I designed a logo for an idea I have. It involved connecting 2 alpha letters vertically (vs. horizontally, as in the case of alpha-scrip
  13. Even though this is a 5-year-late response, its still relevant to this thread. kartracer, answering yours: With my limited scope, there's these other tools I know of with a double life: ...the Move-Selection Tools. Left-Click - moves selections Up/Down/Right/Left, like a Castle on chess board. Right-Click - rotates selections like a merry-go-round clockwise or counter-clockwise P.S. Here's a retroactive thanks to Helen, since I was seeking info re: bezier-paint.net
  14. oops, have you seen my above Edit? (originally I couldn't find liquify, but then googled & found it. Also gotta take a break as per above. Does it matter if I resume sometime in future, with a link referring back to this. And the new subject line could be something like: Letter C tree roots (and maybe 3rd part of series - Letter C tree leaves. Thanks a million
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