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  1. Nothing against americans but british are grammatical correct thats why I made that bad bad bad joke... Thank you for the reply, I guess I wil wait intill the Update gose public and use the older version for now.
  2. Yes I do, I always say sinds instade of since... Sorry I fail at grammar But I aint british so I shouldn't care, x) EDIT:I guess that helps but I have over 100+ plugins,
  3. Edit: Since the update 4 some of the plugins aren't working and wil crash my Paint.net and some times I am working on a project thats REALLY big, And its annoying with not knowing what plugins work and what plugins NOT work, So My question is, IS there a Plugin manger? plugin updater? Its kinda hard to find the broken plugins, And remove them and its even some times not possible to remove a single a plugin sinds its related to a pack And I cannot find the pack... So any halp related to this topic?
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