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  1. Thanks for the info Null54. I was hoping I wouldn't have to use other programs. Anyways, I have my answer the mods can close the thread.
  2. Hello, Longtime user and lurker here, I just learned Paint.net got native support for the newer DDS file formats, so I thought I'd get back into making some skins, starting with DS3 and DMC V. However, I'm running into a bit of a problem, when I open the texture, I'm not seeing the proper channels like in say Photoshop CC 2018. This might be a noob question, how can I open the DDS file in Paint.net in the same way as Photoshop CC 2018 opens it? See examples : Paint.net result : https://imgur.com/tp8ib8s PS CC 2018 result : https://imgur.com/bOHoJOS Thank you for any help you can give me on this topic. PS : if this isn't the correct subforum, please move this topic into the right one. Thank you mods.
  3. Hi, Please excuse me if I posted in the wrong thread and should have made a different thread for my question. I have extracted some textures from a Directx11 game, but whatever format I use, even when adding the mipmaps, the texture is rendered extremely bright ingame. I suspect it's because of the format I'm saving as, but I can't figure out what to do. Do you have an idea?
  4. Hello, I have started to remake a diffuse texture (for Mass Effect 3). I have increased it's size by 100% and it is blurry. That's completely natural. Now I'm going to rebuild it in a higher resolution, which I can do manually. That, however takes a long time, and I'm interested to know if the community has any suggestions that might speed up my process. This is the basic upscaled diffuse texture. I've already used plugins for the buttstock, which is obviously low quality. Highlight: I've tried using Gaussian blur, Gradient blur and even Frosted glass, but I haven't been able to get a realistic looking hightlight thus far. Base: Well, the base is supposed to be a paint texture. I've gone for very soft Noise followed by Frosted Glass, which doesn't look half bad. Shadow Detail: Probably the easiest part of the whole using plugins part, I'd still love some tips on this. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.
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