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  1. This makes perfect sense now. I was inspired by my liking of paint.net speed to upgrade all my laptops to Windows to 8.1 when PDN 4 came out. So I formatted my hardrives and did clean installs. I must have had a filetype plugin installed I long had forgotton about.
  2. Lesson learned - Custom Mini Brushes needs the abr file type plugin to work with 4.0, not the case with 3.511. For example, if you uninstall all your plugins (delete all your filetype/effects) and do a fresh install of paint.net 4.0 on Windows 8.1, it will not work (don't believe me try it). Most people are paint.net geeks and I mean that in a good way - Thus - I think you all have lots of plugins and may not realize that CMB will not work without the abr plugin. In the other versions of paint.net - I did not need that plugin as I opened it with another program. I got it to wor
  3. Again thanks for your patience - I have these paint.net files everywhere to know avail. On a side note: I upgraded my computers to Windows 8.1 as I was inspired by Rick Brewster's work. I find paint.net the most effcient tool for editing even thought I can afford other programs, and we know what "other programs" means. So would love to get CMB working, if not I can use pixlr, mypaint or Gimp etc for the brush work.
  4. Thank you very much for the help. I posted 4 screen captures above that might give more infomation. I should have done the text and images in one post but learning to navigate the forum.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I read the post. I tried both abr and png files in my publics documents folder. CMB could not find it. I have the latest version of PDN beta and it does not allow me to save files to abr.
  6. I am sure I am missing something but under 4.0 beta I can not get CMB to work. I had used CMB in PDN 3+ I am running windows 8.1 Tried moving brushes to my desktop. Downloaded new abr files from the web. Tried to rename the folders with a leading underscore. The issue is when I go to CMB (version 2.1) I can go to tools, custom mini brushes and Add brushes, but it does not find brushes.
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