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  1. A while back I was working on a effect plugin for PDN that was going well, until, I had to create my own dialog UI as IndirectUI wasn't up the the job -- basically, a complete lack of tabs. So I ended up having to make something for my needs and I decided to do so by having it build the dialog once the plugin is launched. To make that clear: it doesn't need you to set up all the various control positions in VS, but instead, does something similar to how IndirectUI does it in that you create the control objects you want in the PluginToken class and then the PluginDialog class auto-builds th
  2. Forget it. I just realized that I was better off seeing if I could open the template and build it as is. Runs fine in PDN, now all I have to do is add my effect code and scratch re-familiarize myself with the form UI code.
  3. Does anyone know whether the VS template is up to date as I've been trying to use it and VS 2013 keeps giving me errors on the main EffectPlugin.cs about how certain methods can't override PDN methods as they've been set to sealed. I'm a rusty C#.net programmer, and my experience with VS is limited, regardless, I had used it to code the core of my effect -- but with IndirectUI. However, I really need tab functionality as the effect has multiple elements, each with differing options. IndirectUI is just too simple a solution for the job so I really need to use windows forms for the UI; other
  4. Here's something I'd like to see along with brush-based soft painting, and that is: brush-based soft erasing. Not sure if that's a feature or not of the PDN 4.0 brush tool as I haven't tried the beta out yet, but, it kind of seems obvious to me to have it if there ain't one -- seems like it would be easy to implement as well.
  5. Though I can see adding more game (mod) friendly tools to PDN as a good thing -- whether folks here do or not -- as I use it primarily for game (modding) dev stuff and know that a lot of others do too. A UTX plugin just ain't worth the time. As far as I understand, UTX is NOT an image file format but rather an (compressed) archive of images. Usually "packages" use common image formats -- likely to be DDS for games -- but can also utilize custom ones created for that game engine. Such as those used by Valve's Source -- VTX. It each "package" were a material that only dealt with the one
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