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  1. For work, I use copied images from the desktop literally all the time, and Greenshot is far-and-away the best tool to copy screen images. Copy to Greenshot clipboard and then paste in Paint.net is how I do 90% of my work. With the upgrade to Paint.net 4.0, I cannot paste from Greenshot. I get a 'The Clipboard Doesn't Contain an Image' error dialog. Why is this the case, and what is the fix or workaround? (Sorry for any vagueness in description, I am not a 'computer' person.) If this cannot be resolved, does anyone have a Greenshot and/or Paint.net alternative combination that DOES work (without compromising quality)? As has been mentioned before, pasting to MS Paint first (or similar) a) changes the image and B ) is a really bad, time-consuming workaround. Should I just downgrade Paint.net? To what version? I'd hate to do that. Safe link? Paint.net version: 4.0.5168.12074 Greenshot version:
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