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  1. Hi, you find the Image here. Best regards Aladin
  2. Hi, sorry I ask in german. Here the english question. How can I remove reflections from a window with paint.net. Best regards Aladin
  3. Hallo, wie kann ich mit paint.net reflexionen von einer Scheibe entfernen? Viele Grüße Aladin
  4. Hi, thank you very very much. This solve my problem. Best regards Aladin
  5. Hi, I have a problem when I try to place a text after I cut and paste an elliptic area. The problem occurs in the following Paint.NET versions: 3.5.10 3.5.11 4.0 Beta When I do the following steps I can not place a visible text: 1. I load a photo. 2. I select an elliptic area on the photo. 3. I create a new document 4. I insert the elliptic area in the new document. 5. I try to place a text The text is not visible. I check, the text is not transparent. I check the level direction. All of this all right, but I can not make the text visible. Have you a work around f
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