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  1. Rick, I've took some time but I almost finished my review on brazilian portuguese. You'll notice one correction I made in simplified chinese ( I just put an "F" in Frequently Asked Questions ), please ignore mine if someone else correct it, since I can't really read or write chinese. I've left one last question, once answered I can say that I've finished my job until new strings come. Keep up with the great job. PS.: You need to approve mine too, I've noticed the same thing pagedefault said.
  2. Danke Schön! I used this morning to translate the remaining strings, and now I'm reviewing the other that you approved, making some corrections or making they sound a little more natural to native speakers. Right now I am on page 9 of 26 and will continue later, at night.
  3. Crowdin: GuilhermeAmorim Language: Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR)