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  1. thanks for the answer, pyrochild. Installed the cleanup utility, removed the installer entry for paint.net, rerun the utility to confirm the entry was gone, restarted the PC, checked that there was no paint.net in features&programs, and tried to install the current build from scratch, but... fatal error 1603. What the heck???
  2. Rick? Anyone? I could really use some help here. I'm stuck at 5105, can't uninstall it, can't update it through the app and can't manually install 5152 or any other version over it because it crashes at the removal of previous version step. The error is alwsays: PaintDotNet_88696556.msi missing. Any thoughts?
  3. Little info about this error would be really helpful. When trying either to update, uninstall, or manually install a newer version over build 5105 just errors out, as you can see on the screenshot, on a fully updated win 8 x64 PC. Any ideas? Thanks in advance and keep up the great work.
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