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  1. hello Rick, sorry it sounds that way. i know it's a free program and you get what you pay for as they say, i was only trying this out because my older photoshop when opening any png images all had a black background. so wanted something light i could open a png image with that showed default on a whitebackground so i could re-save it. but then i tried doing what i do in photoshop, make a new image color the background white, then just drag the layer into the new image. photoshop drags the transparent layer or any layer content into the new image, also you can have multiple layers
  2. So there's no way to actually copy merged all layers into the new image retaining all aspects of each layer? trasparency masks, and layer effects on images, this means you'd have to select each and every layer manually to copy?
  3. I'm a die hard adobe user, never used anything else to do graphics work in for over 20 years.. but i got curious about paint.net since someone spoken about this program in various threads. i don't get it and was hoping someone who used it could help. Say i download an image of the net of a dog with a .png transparent background. open in paint it's showing the transparency which is great, now say i make another image (not a layer) of 400px, by 400px, and fill it white, I'm so used to in photoshop just dragging transparency masks/layers from one image directly into a new image, I
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