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  1. Sources: Football is but cropped to only have the round football (Public Domain) Font is
  2. That's why people sometimes suggest disabling antivirus when installing stuff. Rick should really put some kinda note, though.
  3. I tried resizing this image with Nearest Neighbor to 16x16 in Paint.NET 4.0.5226.41987: This is the result: It's clearly not right. What's the problem?
  4. I'm getting this crash in PDN 4.0 For the Engrave/Emboss plugin. I used 5px Engrave on text I magic wanded.
  5. Thank you for making me addicted to add Noise. That effect is great!
  6. Logo I made for something I'm working on. Full size @
  7. First art I posted here. Made with PDN 4.0 alpha. I absolutely love the new features