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  1. To make my Android graphic editing quicker and easier, I've added two new custom color palettes that fit the Android design guidelines. I haven't found these color palettes posted anywhere else yet, so here they are for everybody's use. Simple directions to use the two attached files: 1. In the Colors window (F8), open the palettes folder. 2. Add in one or both files. 3. Restart Paint.NET to see changes. Google Material Design: Android Holo: ps - I was thinking about adding this to the miscellaneous tutorials section, but I wasn't sure if it was too short or too "easy" for it. If this was already available in a search, then it would have saved me a little bit of time. Hopefully, this will save other people some time also. android-holo.txt material-design.txt
  2. Works great! This is the main feature that I need to use Paint.NET much more!
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