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  1. I apparently expressed myself vaguely. My attempt on the background layer I made before you taught me. After that, it worked great. K.r. /hans peter
  2. Thank you, Pixey. I tried this, but on the background layer which did not work so well. You learn as long as you live. K.r. /hans peter PS."Notify me of replies" hooked does not seem to work.DS.
  3. How can I create a vertical text at a vertcal line on a drawing? /hans peter
  4. That's great. However, there was a problem already in the Microsoft Store that did not let me install the buy version. Have tried to illustrate this in the attached image. Not even when I uninstalled Classic in the usual way. With toe_head2001's help, however, I now have a working app. /hans peter
  5. Thank you, toe_head2001 ! Is AppX the Buy-version? /hans peter
  6. I found these two and uninstalled both. When I downloaded the pay version of paint.net, the Microsoft Store still informed me that I already owned it. But I was able to download and install. I think 🤔. My installer type is at least now called AppX. One question: where can I find the exe file for paint.net which I can make a shortcut from? /hans peter
  7. Paintnet-konverterad.pdf How do I delete this link? I want to send you an image but need help to do this. /hans peter
  8. I want to change from Classic to Store (because I forget all the time how many donations I have made.) I encounter the following problems: 1) Microsoft Store refuses to deliver the paid version because I already have the Classic version. 2) I uninstall the Classic version, but I still can't download the pay version for the same reason. 3) Now I am completely without paint.net and do a systemrestore. However, Paint.net does not start after that and I receive an error message. 4) After much googling, I find a place that describes how to repair apps in Win10. Now paint.net actually work
  9. Meanwhile I have read this otherwise. Since the Microsoft store says I already own paint.net, I conclude that I need to uninstall paint.net if I want to buy it from Microsoft store instead. Is it right? /hans peter
  10. Thank you toe_head2001. What means Installtype: Classic? /hans pter
  11. It's already installd. I want to know if I have bought it from Mcrosoft Store och donated for it. Where can I control this? /hans peter
  12. Microsoft Store says that I own the app paint.net. Where can I see this in the app? /hans peter
  13. How should I remember which font I have used in a previously saved image? Any tips? /hans peter
  14. OMG, so easy! Thank you all , especially Ego Eram Reputo 😃 /hans peter
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