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  1. Excellent idea! Thank you so much! /hans peter
  2. How should I remember which font I have used in a previously saved image? Any tips? /hans peter
  3. OMG, so easy! Thank you all , especially Ego Eram Reputo 😃 /hans peter
  4. I have created a text in MSWord that I want to copy into image 1. For that purpose, I open a new and blank image 2. The background is then white. I copy the text in the Word-document and paste it into image 2. The background changes to a checkered pattern. I mark and copy/paste image 2 into picture 1. The checkered background will follow. I just want the text. I'm sure I'm doing most of it wrong. Can someone help me? /hans peter
  5. Perhaps a silly question, but where can I see which plugins I've installed on my PC (when memory fails)? /hans peter
  6. Vielen Dank IRON67! Wie einfach alles ist, wenn man´s bloß kann /hans peter
  7. In 2015 I learned how to write text into a circle and how to change the textcolour . Now I have got a new problem. I want the text in the upper part of the circle written upright (that´s ok) , but another text in the lower part of the circle also written upright. How do I manage that? /hans peter
  8. Jippiii! It works. Vielen Dank für die Belehrung. /hans peter
  9. Thank you both. But I did not get it work. The zoom-control shows 100 %. And the size is movable with the arrow-keys as you suggested. But not to 2.00 cm. Only 1.98 or 2.01 or higher. alt. lower. I cannot move it 0.01 cm at a time. More tips? /hans peter
  10. I am trying to draw a rectangle with the width of 2,00 cm. But i get either 2,01 och 1,98 cm when handling the draggable control nubs. Is there any way to write in the size i want with figures or another way to fix this? /hans peter
  11. To Ego Eram Reputo: Thanks for the tip. It worked fine! To Pixey: I did not fix it with the plugin. Sorry! /hans peter
  12. I have an article which consists of 2 parts, t.i. 2 scanned pictures. I want to get them together so that I get only 1 picture. Is this possable and in that case how? /hans peter
  13. Thank you, toe_head2001, for a fast and a good answer. It works fine! Now I just wonder how I change collor on the rounded text, /hans peter