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  1. Unfortunately, this is a tricky way to work around the problem with the print it-plugin. Does anyone have a solution directly linked to Paint.net? What does the author Martin Osieka say himself concerning the problems i discribe above? /hans peter
  2. Further instructions needed 😱 I have IrfanView, but how do you mean that I shall use it in this context? /hans peter
  3. Puh! Now I have succeeded in making a Tools-choice in Effects in the app. But say the joy that lasts forever. The function is incomparably slow and in the end I have to close the program in the Taskmanager. To me, it seems to be something wrong somewhere. The Documents>paint.net App Files>Effekts consist of the files in the enclosed picture. Is that ok or is it wrong? /hans peter
  4. Thanks ardneh, unfortunately that did not help either. Can you give me the whole thread? It might perhaps help me further. In the instructions on the page where I downloaded the files from stood: After a restart of Paint.NET you will find the plugin at Menu-> Effects-> Tools -> Print It. I have no TOOLS there. Does anyone know anything about that? /hans peter
  5. I think so. In any case I have paid for it /hans peter
  6. Thank you, BoltBait! Yes I have tried it now. But it does not work. Does it really work with Win 10? Or have I found the wrong paint.net/folder under C:\Program Files\paint.NET because there are no other files there. K.r. /hans peter
  7. Is there any way to give a print-out automatically the filename, the date and the time? If YES, where can you do it? /hans peter
  8. I apparently expressed myself vaguely. My attempt on the background layer I made before you taught me. After that, it worked great. K.r. /hans peter
  9. Thank you, Pixey. I tried this, but on the background layer which did not work so well. You learn as long as you live. K.r. /hans peter PS."Notify me of replies" hooked does not seem to work.DS.
  10. How can I create a vertical text at a vertcal line on a drawing? /hans peter
  11. That's great. However, there was a problem already in the Microsoft Store that did not let me install the buy version. Have tried to illustrate this in the attached image. Not even when I uninstalled Classic in the usual way. With toe_head2001's help, however, I now have a working app. /hans peter
  12. Thank you, toe_head2001 ! Is AppX the Buy-version? /hans peter
  13. I found these two and uninstalled both. When I downloaded the pay version of paint.net, the Microsoft Store still informed me that I already owned it. But I was able to download and install. I think 🤔. My installer type is at least now called AppX. One question: where can I find the exe file for paint.net which I can make a shortcut from? /hans peter
  14. Paintnet-konverterad.pdf How do I delete this link? I want to send you an image but need help to do this. /hans peter
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