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  1. Hello Rick I've recently filed a set of minor bugs on one of the alpha releases but had no reply from you. Please confirm you have filed a bug on them. I could fix them myself if I could make some sort of pull request upon your source code. Do you plan to make at least translations to other languages open-source e.g. at github, bitbucket or codeplex? Thanks. P.S. I've clicked around the new beta and noticed more funny but absolutely wrong translations into Russian. Please tell how to contribute to fix them.
  2. Several Russian translation bugs: "Delete layer" in the history should be translated as "Удаление слоя", not "Уделение слоя". "Background" layer should be translated as "Фон", not "Справочная информация". Settings > Updates: "Также проверьте наличие бета-версиями" should be "Также проверять наличие бета-версий" Settings > Diagnostics: the property sheet columns "Item", "Value" are not translated. Settings: "User Interface" in Russian is "Пользовательский интерфейс" which is too long for the fixed-width menu; better replace with just "Интерфейс" (that is how VLC player translates "UI settings" in its menus). Settings > Diagnostics: "Open crash log folder" should be translated as "Открыть папку журнала падений" or "Открыть папку журнала ошибок", not "Папка журнала открытые краш". Plus, confirming the mentioned bug for any non-English initial language: Thanks for the best free Photoshop replacement!