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  1. Hope this helps. It clearly shows that the sides and angles are not equal for the Pentagon, Hexagon, and Triangle when using "Constrain" to create shapes in The same is true for the stars.
  2. I think I found a bug with the way the new "Polygons and Stars" are created that is easy to duplicate and check. Create a true square and a true circle within it. Then create a new layer with an identical circle or square, but before saving start switching between the other available "Polygons and Stars" shapes. Hexagon, Polygon, Three Point Star, and Six Point Star all use the square to calculate their shapes, NOT the Circle. I think all the shapes should fit within the circle to be considered "True" or "Regular" forms of the shape. Especially the Hexagon and Polygon which are definitely not "True" as they do not have the expected equal angles. I am so happy you are continuing to develop this great program. Keep up the good work and keep the alphas coming!