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  1. Hello, I'm just returning to PDN. Glad to be back! I need some help finding a good way to invert the ball in my crystal ball photos. This was one attempt but I;m sure there is a better way. If anyone can recommend a tutorial that will help that would be just great! As you know with crystal ball photos the image is upside down. It looks OK that way and you can invert the whole photo but sometimes it works better to just invert the ball. Again, thanks for all and any advice. I'm looking forward to it!

    I didn't realize we can now attach a file to these posts! Hooray, this is awesome! The photobucket didn't seem to work anyway? The picture I was working on is attached. Looking forward to a great tutorial or plugin advice to get me reacquainted with PDN and to make my crystal ball pictures look much better! Can't wait, thanks so much!

    This link will take you to the picture on Google Photo.



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