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  1. Thanks so much! Great to be back! Looking forward to trying some new things soon!
  2. Great to be back and thanks!!! Great to be back and thanks so much!!
  3. Hi Red ochre! Yes, I'm still playing jazz, doing close-up magic and juggling as well. Been playing my Didgeridoo too! Hahahaha, lots of fun in retirement from teaching. Lately I've been playing in two local musical productions, "Guys and Dolls" and "Wonderful Town" bot fun and a real challenge! Tomorrow I'll be going to New York City to see a former student of mine who is playing drums and leading the band on a new Broadway show called "Tappin' Thru Life" staring Maurice Hines. I'm really looking forward to it. As soon as the shows I'm playing are over I'm heading into some of the local elementary schools to demonstrate the Didgeridoo for several music classes then later in the spring I head all over NY state to judge All-State Jazz auditions. Keeping busy and enjoying it. Practicing my trumpet, my close-up card and coin magic and a little juggling everyday. Hope you're doing well and thanks so much for your help and inspiration here on pdn. I don't know how you do it but keep on doing it!! I appreciate all that you do, great to hear from you!
  4. After a long time away I'm happy to be back on PDN. I have to do lots of relearning but I have at least started! Hooray! Yesterday I did some juggling practice and really was using my head! Whoops, dropped one, I should have stuck with just three! Any comments, advice is always appreciated. Thanks!
  5. I'm back after a long time away.

  6. Having trouble installing Custom Brushes. Do I use the Custom Brushes Plugin by Brown? If so where and how do I install it? I tried pasting the dll file into the smudge brushes and the effects folder but it didn't seem to work. If anyone could give me a little help I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  7. I really like this tutorial! Here I used a picture I took last summer of mushrooms in an outdoor market in Chinatown, New York City. It turned out to be perfect for this tutorial! I like the big chunks. Thanks again for this tutorial, it's a winner.
  8. Great job Daniels! I like the shading and the stars are awesome. How do you get those great stars in your background. Check out my attempts (post #9) if you would and I'm always open to suggestions. Thanks, cweber54
  9. Thanks MikeRobe. I'll have another go at it tomorrow. Looking forward to trying your ideas. I want to add colors for sure and I'll get the hang of the cloud thing. I'm sure it will be awesome and thanks again for the reply. Here's another take with some added colors and glow. I'm getting the idea and I'll keep at it. Thanks! Another take on your tutorial I tried today. I like to think I'm improving. Looks better every time! This time I went a little easier on all the colors and went without the object outline on the land and added some smudge when I first colored in the land. I was after a kind of sand bar/beaches effect. It's looking way less cartoon-like and lots more realistic then my first attempts. Next time I want to do more with the ocean and try to get some aqua blue lagoon effects going. It's been a fun learning process.
  10. This is an excellent tutorial and I enjoyed learning from it. I had a little trouble with the clouds when I first made them. When I used dents the clouds extended beyond the planet and didn't curve around the planet. I also didn't go to overlay on the land and ocean variation layers because for some reason when I did it took the shading away? I was wondering if you could tell me what I might have done wrong. I want to keep at this tutorial and improve on what I've learned and get it better. Next time I want to add some tan (beach) outline to some of the land mass. I think that would make it look even better. Thanks for any input and suggestions and thanks for sharing this great tutorial.
  11. I really learned a great deal from this tutorial. Enjoyed it very much. Here's something I had some fun making. I call it Planet Oatmeal because I used a picture I took of boiling oatmeal to make the planet template. Added some color and the rest was learning your method of adding the glows and the gradient. Awesome tutorial, I'll keep working on it. Thanks!
  12. cweber54

    Making a moon

    Thanks for the recommendation EER! I thought the 100% PDN Planet tut you suggested was excellent and it really helped me get a grip on the whole inner/outer glow idea as well as the gradient use. I've looked at a couple other tuts as well that are similar and helpful too. Thanks again and here is what I came up with today as I was working on the glow/gradients. Always appreciate your input.
  13. Thanks welshblue and I'm looking forward to using Neon again and to more of your great tutorials! Thanks for the reply and helping me getting squared away with the text question. I;'m getting ready for another foot of snow tonight here in upstate New York. Ugh! But and get some good photos of the snow. Thanks again , have a great day!
  14. Hello Welshblue, Hey great tut!! I'm very new to PDN and photo editing in general. I'm really enjoying this very much and I've learned a ton of things in just the couple of weeks that I've been doing this. I thought I would try to combine a few things I learned like Removing and image from the background (My little dog Eddie), Making a Moon (I learned that one yesterday) and this awesome Text tut of yours. Eddie likes his little moon so he made a sign on it to claim his territory! Hahaha! Anyway, I had a couple little problems like the Vignette was too dark on my moon background so I just didn't do that step. I got confused with the Duplicate the Text layer>>Select the Text>>add new layer and Run Bevel Selection. I get the duplicating the layer but I ended up selecting text one letter at a time with the magic wand and I wasn't sure which layer to select the text from? It took several tries with different levels to get the Run Bevel to have an effect so I knew I was doing something wrong. Maybe you could help me get squared away with this step. The rest I think I held my own pretty well. My result didn't come out as bright in the middle part of the letters as I thought it would but I'll give it more tries for sure. Thanks for any input and advice you can send in my direction, and thanks for sharing such an awesome tut!
  15. cweber54

    Making a moon

    Yes, Thanks, I kind of liked the crater rim effect as well. I was happy with that. Next I would like to try an Earthlike Planet with land mass and water etc. Any suggestions on a basic tut for hat? I looked at "Advancedish Planet" and it was super but I thought something a little more basic might be better for me right now to get the idea. I saw a youtube tut called something like "Professional Looking Planet" but it was so fast and so small I couldn't follow it very well. I'll keep looking and of course any suggestions are welcome!