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  1. Thanks everybody, I'm using your suggestions as a temporary woraround to keep my eyes safe. Really hope this request gets to production tho !lots of love and keep healthy at home ♥
  2. Yes but I guess once I drag a picture to Paint.net it still ask for "open file / add new layer, etc" . I know I'm being so picky, so sorry but I get distracted so often by this tiny annoyances
  3. Today I found out about default starting settings at: Settings > Tools . It is awesome and very useful . I would like to suggest a new feature I think is lacking tho: Start Paint.NET in "closed document" mode. Usually I start PdN by its shortcut and not through picture > context menu. Mostly because I always have a bunch of pictures on my desktop and it is faster to just open the program while I look for the picture I want to edit and then, drag and drop it ( totally love this feature ) . Thing is, PdN starts with a bright white blank document that usually blinds me for a second, most of time I work at night. So the natural dark background of the program itself, is preferred. That's it. So thank you and keep the good work !
  4. Poor performance on build .40811 Win 8.1x64 Athon ii x4 Previous versions working better Some of the issues includes: . A drop in speed when drawing composed textures . Moving solid selections . Sometimes when saving as paint.net project (.pdn)
  5. Getting this while selecting multiple objects with magic wand and multiple selection tool (add ) . Happens with +3 files at once Also, debug give advice a few times but if you try to move mouse it starts to show error again If you try to save file befor exit after crach (with shortcut) you get another message ( a funnny one ). Attached error log.txt
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