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  1. Thanks everybody, I'm using your suggestions as a temporary woraround to keep my eyes safe. Really hope this request gets to production tho !lots of love and keep healthy at home ♥
  2. Yes but I guess once I drag a picture to Paint.net it still ask for "open file / add new layer, etc" . I know I'm being so picky, so sorry but I get distracted so often by this tiny annoyances
  3. Today I found out about default starting settings at: Settings > Tools . It is awesome and very useful . I would like to suggest a new feature I think is lacking tho: Start Paint.NET in "closed document" mode. Usually I start PdN by its shortcut and not through picture > context menu. Mostly because I always have a bunch of pictures on my desktop and it is faster to just open the program while I look for the picture I want to edit and then, drag and drop it ( totally love this feature ) . Thing is, PdN starts with a bright white blank document that usually blinds me for a second, most of
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