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  1. They were PNG files, screenshots taken with the same application. One worked, one did not. I do not use Windows 10.
  2. Sorry for the necro, but this has just happened to me. I selected two images in Windows Explorer, right clicked, selected Edit. PDN opens up and I can use the rectangle tool to crop out a small area of one image, but on the second image I cannot use Rectangle or Lasso selection. Magic Wand works so selection itself works, just not Rectangle or Lasso select. I closed the affected image and reopened it and the selecting tools worked just fine after that.
  3. There must have been some quality differences when the two were saved because the background is slightly different. Just enough that they don't match for the XOR but you can't tell by looking unless you zoom in 500% and stare at a small cluster of pixels. When I flip between the layers I notice the tiniest differences in the hues of some of the pixels. Oh, well. Thanks for the info, I'm sure it will come in handy at some point now that I know how to do it.
  4. I have two image files. I have a file with an image overlayed on a background. I have that exact background as a second image with no overlay. I no longer have the image overlay as it's own image and I need it back. Is there a way to mask the background image onto the overlayed image to end up with just the overlay itself and no background? It's too complex an overlay to simply cut out by hand and still look the way I want it to. Thanks. Edit: This here is exactly what I'm looking for, is there something similar for Paint.NET? I'd hate to have to download GIMP just to do this one thing.
  5. I didn't say it had to be done through the save dialog. It was just a thought, but I'm open to any solution.
  6. I'm editing a lot of files for web publishing. These files need to be saved as PNG files but I would like to be able to quickly keep a copy of the PDN file so that I can quickly edit the files if needed since I can't save an image with layers to a PNG without flattening first. Is there a plugin that allows me to quickly do this? Perhaps a checkbox on the Save As... dialog to automatically save a copy of the file as a PDN to a designated location? Having to manually save each file twice is quite tedious.