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  1. Online images sometimes have a different DPI setting than your local computer. I notice this especially with images created by Mac users. They somehow often save their images for the web at 96 dpi, whereas your windows default scaling is 72 dpi. This results in the image being smaller on your side.
  2. Have you considered using a work-around similar to this? https://stackoverflow.com/a/13145558 I was just thinking about writing a MenuStrip that performs better a few days ago when I installed a few more effects and the Effects menu now takes some ~3 seconds to open. Are you doing something special when opening that menu? Iterating over all plugins every time or such? Anyways I was thinking that this current state is a bad UX because you get no immediate feedback at all, don't know whether your click even registered until a few seconds later. The menu should open instantly and display a "loading.." entry until the list can be populated with the real data.
  3. I am seeing the same issue on both my computer without ssd and on my laptop with ssd. It seems to me that this didn't happen before the .13 update. Is there any way to fix this? I'll try removing my plugins and see whether that speeds it up.
  4. Good work! One question though: In the settings window I don't have a tab for plugin errors anymore. Does that tab disappear when there are no plugin errors or does that have to do with the bugfix?
  5. your image would make sense if it said "mirror horizontally". But it says flip. For me that is a difference You'll get used to it.
  6. thanks for the quick answer. So when working with these large images does paint.net still render each frame from the original resolution and scale it down to my zoom level? I'm mostly working at a zoom of 10 or 20%, so I'll never get close to actually seeing all source pixels. Would be enough to generate thumbnails of about half the original size and use these for moving stuff around. I'm thinking of how in adobe programs one can set the rendering quality to make things faster. edit: is there any reason images are not temporarily saved when a crash occurs by the way? When it crashed I lost 4 unsaved images. Since the bug only occured on that one image I was working on the other 3 images should not be corrupted and be savable after all, right? Like firefox can restore tabs, or at least try and see whether they're corrupted or saved correctly.
  7. oh well, I should've installed the update before starting today's work in paint.net It crashed on me while using the lasso selection tool (moving the selected pixels) when working on a 8k by 20k pixel image. Just sent you the crash log before reading that it was fixed with 4.0.9. Brings me to a different topic though: do you have any large image improvements in the works/planned? SImple things like being able to disable the selection border animation ("walking ants"?) making it static instead. And disabling the preview when moving a selection. Only drawing the selection border during movement and then drawing the actual content on mouseup. Like you're able to disable the window contents in Windows when moving windows Would greatly improve responsiveness when working with large images I assume.
  8. I don't know how to use this tool, but is this helpful? http://i.imgur.com/2OcQXqd.jpg
  9. yes, same error. I guess you're right. But why doesn't gimp have this problem then?
  10. Hi, i ran into a bug while using the latest 4.0 build. I wanted to save a screenshot from the game War Thunder so I pressed my "print screen" button and pasted into Paint.Net. The resulting image however has wrong alpha values in a lot of places. A screenshot should naturally have alpha values of 255 everywhere. GIMP has no problem when I paste the screenshot into it. This is how it looks in Paint.Net:
  11. Same error here. I do not have any email client installed, maybe it's because of that. It sure looks funny that you can still paint and do everything with the hourglas/wait cursor edit: after a few hours this Windows dialog popped up: "Der Vorgang kann nicht ausgeführt werden, weil der Standard-Mailclient nicht richtig installiert ist." basically saying: no standard mail client installed/configured.
  12. @Drydareelin: I am not able to find a way to do this either. RIght clicking or changing the first and second color does nothing I have some feedback regarding the way you draw your toolbar items: You draw every dropdown button as if it was a splitbutton. This is confusing. One only opens a dropdown menu while the other also cycles through its items depending on where exactly you click it. But the way you draw both buttons doesn't indicate this difference at all. There should be no seperator on the normal dropdown button, only on the splitbutton: And then I have a personal problem that I think not many have: On my laptop, which probably has a bad IPS display, it's super easy to lose the selection cursor (cross) out of sight. When I move it at a certain speed over the grey background surrounding the image or over the checkerboard background, it seems to disappear completely and makes for some funny but annoying moments. Because I have no mouse connected to my laptop but only the touchpad it's important to see visually where the cursor is, you don't feel it in your hand like when you're holding a mouse I realize that you won't change the cursor because one guy has a bad lenovo ips display, but can you load the cursors at startup from the paint.net directory? That would help a lot if I could edit the .cur files to find a way that works better for me.
  13. @LWChris: I translated the new strings that were added on the 3rd of June. Have a look at my translations of spline and bezier and please vote on them. I based my translation on this: spline: - http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spline - http://www.microsoft.com/Language/en-US/Search.aspx?sString=spline&langID=de-de bezier: - http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/B%C3%A9zierkurve - http://www.microsoft.com/Language/en-US/Search.aspx?sString=bezier&langID=de-de to sum it up: Both words are also used in German, so I tried to keep that meaning, because for people working in graphics, maths or computer science beziers and splines are known names, whereas German "Umschreibungen" don't quite cut it or are not the "Fachwort".
  14. Why don't you just download it and try for yourself? It's done in 1 minute and you get your answers first hand...
  15. I don't see how you can download files from crowdin, but you can simply use the one in your paint.net installation directory. See http://www.getpaint.net/files/loc/2.6/TranslationPack.txt on how to use the ResGen. I myself did all the work with my local paint.net installation and when I had translated everything I uploaded the whole file to crowdin, which is easy: File -> Upload translations
  16. @LWChris: I filtered all translations by "edited by LWCHris". This gave me 7 pages of translations. I checked them all and usually deleted my translation because yours were at least equally good. In addition I downvoted Rick's translation and upvoted yours. But most of the time Rick's ones are still the approved ones, so I guess he now has to do something like "approve translations with highest votes". One thing though: You translated NearestNeighboor, but didn't translate Super Sampling or Sampling. For me NearestNeighboor is a technical term that shouldn't be translated either. @Rick: Please reapprove all German strings according to the highest vote. Thanks in advance
  17. Yeah I thought long about probennahme. It's a weird name. If I remember correctly it already was like this when I started to translate and I had no better idea so I kept it. Did you only change the new ones or really all strings? I'll take a look at it later this week.
  18. After the update at first I thought the German translation didn't get updated, but I found out what happened: The newly translated strings are displayed with the correct translation but all the older strings that I translated/changed that already had a translation (albeit a terrible auto translation) did not get updated. So most of the strings still use in the terrible auto translation. I think the reason is that Ricks auto translation is the approved one in crowdin while my translation is not. So I guess you need to approve my translation so it favours those over yours?
  19. I just received an email from crowdin and translated the 3 new strings. After doing that I saw the feedback string asking people to only send feedback in English. Wouldn't it be possible to allow people to send feedback and bug report emails in their language and then we translate those on crowdin to English? I don't know about the volume of those emails but I imagine not many people use this feature?
  20. some entries have & symbol like "pixel &grid". Is it supposed to be like that? Just want to make sure this is not an error from importing the resx to crowdin.
  21. like an outline contour effect for selections? Could be kind of useful.
  22. thanks, that's what I searched for Uploaded my translation, so German is at 100% now. Yes, it's only corrections, but some of the old translations were a bit strange too, so I've changed more than only the new strings. Anyway, my point was: I don't want to waste some hours simply because we're using this new translation platform.
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